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Meet Deborah Kim: UCI BioSci Marketing Assistant

Deborah Kim

Meet Deborah Kim, UCI BioSci marketing assistant in the dean’s office! Deborah started working for BioSci in February, and almost immediately made the switch to remote working. Despite still being in the training process when remote learning and working began, Deborah did a fantastic job of adjusting while still learning new skills and supporting the School. Learn more about Deborah in the interview below!

Major: Film & Media Studies and English with a minor in Creative Writing

Expected graduation date: Spring 2021

What’s one thing you like about working remotely?
I love that I can work from the comfort of my own home. I use a couch chair at my desk and now that the weather is a bit colder, I can snuggle up in my sweats and blanket while working. It’s also pretty great to have easy access to snacks while I work.

What’s the best thing about your job?
At the moment, the human interaction, even though it’s remote and mostly through text or calls. I love working with people and I’m lucky to be able to work with an amazing group of people.

What 3 words would you use to describe UCI BioSci?
Lively, Solid, Science-y

Have you binged any TV shows since quarantine started? What’s your favorite?
The Queen’s Gambit is hands down my favorite show of all time. I came across it when my brother started watching the first episode. I went downstairs to grab a snack, but I never made it back to my room. I was hooked and we binged the entire show that night.

Who’s your favorite singer?
I can best answer this with a list of some of my current favorite songs. Enjoy 🙂

-Caskets By Party Favor, Njomza
-At My Worst By Pink Sweat$
-Not ur friend By Jeremy Zucker
-Love & Hate by ZICO, BIBI
-Movie by JUNNY
-Lost cause// (with grandson) By KennyHoopla

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